The Difference Between Cloud-Based and Web-based Monitoring Systems

By Calvin Milush
Man working on a On-Premise SCADA solution

Cloud Based vs. Web Based

Just because you can see it on a web page from wherever you are may not be a good thing depending how it is getting to you. Cloud based and on-premise or small off-site web based technologies are two different approaches to developing and delivering online content with the same look and feel. Both technologies allow users to view their content via a standard web browser, store their data, host their applications, and services on reliable hardware. However, many web based solutions are hosted On-Premise which require knowledgeable employees and local resources, while Cloud based technology is a form of distributed computing on remote servers hosted Off-site and managed as part of a subscription by experts allowing you to scale the resources available to you as you need them helping reduce waste and inefficiency. But even cloud based solutions can vary, from a computer at a remote location in an office or small data-center, to a mainstream cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google cloud services.  

The choice between cloud based technology and web based technology depends on available expertise, the type of content being created, its purpose, and the desired user experience. Cloud based applications can provide more scalability than On-premise because they are constantly being updated as part of their survival with no end user intervention or additional money required. They allow for greater flexibility in terms of features, functions, and customization options making them perfect for remote industrial monitoring. 

You’re Already Part of the Cloud

Many people fear the complexities of the cloud and are worried about learning what it is. Well the good news is that you probably already use the cloud and don’t even realize it. Do you use Gmail or Google Photos? How about Apple Photos or Spotify? If you said yes to any of these or the millions of other use cases of the cloud that we don’t have the space to mention then you have already used the cloud! It’s that easy! 

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