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Unlike many cloud based companies, we love to talk to our clients directly and answer their questions regarding sales, process, and technical support. Many times we are able to start an impromptu video chat and screen share session.

Phone: (330) 294-4477

About Data-Command

Founded in 2002, Data-Command has been providing cloud based monitoring solutions of remote equipment and processes for industrial, utilities, and commercial applications since 2005. With experience in wastewater treatment and collection systems, water treatment and distribution systems, storage tank monitoring, district energy, and more, Data-Command has a proven track record of increasing the efficiency, reliability, and security of these systems.

First to use our cloud based solution

In 2005, our first client went on line with our solutions. Keep in mind, browsers were just starting to hit mainstream. This was before smartphones were part of our everyday lives, before the word “Cloud” existed, and the internet was more like the wild west. The City of Tallmadge was our first municipal water system.

Our mission

To provide clients with secure, reliable information via a cloud based solution that is both easy to understand and use. 

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