Data-Bridge Software

Delivering Information

The Data-Command Data-Bridge™ software retrieves information from an industrial source, transforms the information into a new packet, modifies the format, fully encrypts the packet, then securely transmits the information to our cloud based data centers.

Most remote connection solutions connect you with the automation platform. Yet, if you can connect to it, so can everyone else.  
Our solution delivers the data to the data center. You are never directly connected to your information or Operation Technology (OT).

If you are using a VPN when you are connected to one part of your system, you are probably connected to everything. If this tunnel
is ever breeched so is your entire system.

Data-Command® Data-Bridge Software

The Data-Command® Data-Bridge™ software resides on the end user’s Windows-based computer platform. Typically it is used to connect your
SCADA system to Data-Command via the OPC industrial standard. Your information is sent to the cloud where it can be saved as a backup to your SCADA information. Additionally, you can then view your plant information, see information in a chart or report format, and receive notifications via
phone or text message.


  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Works with any OPC compliant SCADA package
  • Securely Delivers information without direct connection to OT
  • Comes fully configured to communicate with Data-Command’s
    Info-Portal cloud services.
  • Can safely reside on end user’s SCADA computer
  • Windows  XP or Windows 7 (32 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit) or greater
  • Server 2012R2 or greater
  • OPC Client & OPC Server