Do you want to join the many municipalities and industries that experience our system everyday? Read a few stories from our clients.

  • Want to know how a city monitoring their lift stations over leased line saved $20,000 in the first year then every year after that?
  • Want to know how a village was able to afford operating their own treatment system by allowing the small staff they had to be more efficient?
  • Want to know how a large water distribution company no longer has to be at the central operations to see a problem?
  • Want to see how a small manufacture avoided large fines by being able to share information with the large waste water authority that they were discharging into?


Data-Command offers a myriad of cost-effective solutions to help you access, control, and monitor your industrial, utility, or manufacturing systems over the internet. Here are a few examples of some successful projects that have helped our clients be more efficient and save money.