District Energy

Providing a community with steam and chilled water takes more than just production.  It requires monitoring the far reaches of the system. Losing steam and chilled water or not utilizing it well is loosing money. Our cloud-based solution lets you know what is going on everywhere and let you know if something is not working properly.  

Monitor key metrics

  • Chilled Water Supply and Return Temp
  • Chilled Water Flow
  • Chilled Water Flow, Load, Peak Demand
  • Chilled Water Total Tons/Hour
  • Pump Run hours, Cycle Counts
  • Power failure, Generator Status
  • Steam Pressure
  • Steam Flow

Provide steam and chilled water to a city and university campus from a single source make economic sense.  Monitoring the pressure zones that is serviced.

Save Money

  • Stop taking unnecessary trips to storage tanks and booster stations to troubleshoot issues.
  • The damage that can be caused by equipment failure can lead to unplanned expenses to an already tight budget.


  • Gain peace of mind with remote monitoring and alerts
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Check in on operations while you are on the go
  • Ensure maintenance crews are aware of issues. 

Easy-to-Use, Customizable Displays,
Trends and Reports

district energy plant monitoring

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