Case Studies

We love solving problems and the feeling we get when we help someone resolve their issues. 
Our experience in the industry allows us to dive deeper into the process than just the numbers.

Glenn King, Owner & CEO

See How Data-Command Helped These Clients

Our clients rely on Data-Command’s Info-Portal to help them manage their plant and equipment, collect and analyze data and ensure their teams are working smoothly. Their loyalty to Data-Command is founded in products that make their jobs easier, support them when problems occur and provide solutions that integrate seamlessly with their current operations.  

Take a look at some of the ways we have supported and assisted our customers, saving them both time and money.


Data-Command was integrated into the Cornwall, New York on-premise SCADA system in 2009. The Computer and On-premise SCADA package has never been upgraded and we continue to provide them with critical information. When it comes time, we will be there to allow them to easily and economically upgrade our portion of the project.

Many of our current clients have been with us for many years because of our reliability, security and cost-effectiveness, and that number is always increasing.