Generator Monitoring Solutions

Data-Command provides powerful hardware and software extensions for generator monitoring that enables responsible parties to check equipment statuses from remote locations.

Our solution monitors critical generator information and sends it to the web in a secure, reliable, cost effective way. The end result, eliminating unnecessary visits to offsite locations.

About Generator Monitoring

Electrical power is critical to many of our applications today. People require clean, uninterrupted power 24/7. In order to achieve this, many providers have backup systems such as uninterruptible power sources and generators that are located on offsite locations. In the event of a power failure, personnel need to be sure that their generator is ready to run and can continue to run for a given period of time. This makes metrics like fuel level, oil level, and battery charge a priority.

Generator monitoring Dash board
Generator Dash Board

 Mobile Dashboards

Our Data-Command Info-Portal™ dashboards enable our users to view and manage their equipment and processes. Dashboards can be customized to provide high quality visualization of how equipment is performing. This also allows operations and maintenance personnel to monitor operations 24/7. 

Transmitting from these sites to our servers using cellular or Ethernet technology enables users to easily check locations using a PC or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Operations and maintenance personnel can easily view system data at any time by logging into the Data-Command Info-Portal™. Customized displays, alerts, reports, and trends present information in a clear and concise format. 

Receive and Acknowledge Alerts via Text, Voice Call, or Email:

Product Features Also Include:

  • Use any internet connection (i.e. Cellular, DSL, Cable, Satellite)
  • Customized Displays
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Trends
  • Unlimited Users access
  • Free Tech Support
  • Free updates
Diesel generator monitoring

Our Hardware & Software Solutions

The depth of our hardware and software products is what differentiates us from our competitors. By enabling our clients to connect just about any piece of equipment to our cloud-based servers, we are able to give them increased access to a wider range of information.  This ultimately gives our users remote access and control of their system. We can utilize cost effective connections such as cellular, satellite, DSL, and cable to reach practically any equipment, anywhere you may have it.


Hardwire Solution


Talk to your SCADA or PLC


Redundant or contingency

SCADA in the Cloud

Redundant or contingency


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