We offer Cloud Based Remote Monitoring Solutions that fit any application.

Receive alerts and see your information from any mobile device or computer.

Securely collaborate with others.


How a Cloud Based Remote Monitoring Solution can help you

The ability to see your plant automation information, interact with your processes, and receive notifications when there is an issue is essential. Our solutions allow you to do this from anywhere, securely. We extend your plant automation platform to the cloud.

Save Money

As a Cloud Based Solution, costs are spread across many clients while delivering secure, reliable information. Those saving are passed on to you.


Check in on operations while you are on the go. If you have an issue you can get a complete picture of the problem without leaving your current location.


Gain peace of mind with alerts knowing that our solution will alert you when something is not working properly or there is an issue.


Municipalities are able to securely share operational information with neighboring municipalities that they work with to better serve all communities involved.

We help alleviate the stresses of your job by letting you know that all is well. Our cloud based solutions are with you all the time. We help you make better decisions by providing the information that you need. This helps you save money and stay compliant.

6 Things You May Not Know About Data-Command

  1. Our solutions serve 100+ municipalities and counting.

  2. 80% of our clients are small to mid sized municipalities.

  3. We have been serving many of them for over 15 years.

  4. 100% of our clients use our alert and notification system.

  5. Our solutions are 100% cloud-based utilizing major providers like Verizon, Azure, and AWS.

  6. More municipalities than ever are securely sharing information freely through our solutions

At the core of our
cloud based Remote Monitoring Solutions

We have a good idea of what you need and provide solutions to your problems. Our knowledge comes from 30+ years of experience in industrial automation, and 15 years servicing over 100 municipal clients around the nation.

Data-Command Info-Portal™

This is the heart of our solutions for you, created by feedback from our clients and a passion to provide the best user experience.  It provides easily access, storage and management of your information from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Alert & Notification Solution

Easily set up alerts for specific users and receive them via text, email or voice call.

Displays, Trends and Reports the Way You Want

View equipment information in displays that match your unique processes. Create trends and run customized reports to analyze data history and troubleshoot issues.

Integrated Manually Entered Lab Data

Our data entry forms allows your manually entered data to be seamlessly integrated with your realtime information.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Contingency

View your information and stored data even when your SCADA system is offline.

Integrates with Existing On-Premise SCADA

Integrate the Info-Portal™ with your existing equipment, SCADA and PLC systems.

Enhanced Security and Reliability

Fully encrypted SSL connection, multifactor authentication and a 99.99% availability track record.

These are examples of Data-Command's infoportal, Cloud-based Remote Monitoring Dashboards
Data-Command's infoportal, Cloud-based Remote Monitoring Dashboards
Data Command info portal on tablet

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