Zeus Unit

Have a PLC or SCADA system? We have a ZEUS for you!

Intelligent Communications with most industrial equipment PLC, RTU, DCS, SCADA etc.

Securely Delivering Information

All Data-Command Information delivering devices are monitored for communication status and have the ability to give their location. If a unit fails to communicate, you will receive a notice.

Most remote connection solutions connect you with the automation platform. Yet, if you can connect to it, you are vulnerable.  Our solution delivers the data to the data center.  You are never directly connected to your information or Operation Technology (OT).

If you are using a VPN when you are connected to one part of your system, you are probably connected to everything.  If this tunnel is ever breached so is your entire system.

The Data-Command Zeus™ product line is an advanced communication appliance that retrieves information from an industrial source, transforms the information into a new packet, modifies the format, fully encrypts the packet, then securely transmits the information to our cloud based data centers.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Highly reliable
  • Dual Ethernet ports for DMZ
    between OT and IT
  • End to end packet encryption
  • Supports communications to most industrial sources
  • No moving parts
  • Packet optimized for cellular transmission
  • End user configurable
  • Supports communication to most industrial sources
  • Extends SCADA to the cloud securely
  • Monitor and control your system from anywhere
  • Provides redundancy to your existing monitoring system


  • Modbus Master & Slave TCP/IP
  • Modbus Master Serial (RS-232 & RS-485)
  • Rockwell Automation SERIES 5/500 Serial (DF1)
    • Micrologix programmable logic controllers
    • SLC 500 controllers
    • PLC 5 controllers
  • Industrial Ethernet IP
    • Control Logix control systems
    • Compact Logix control systems
    • SLC 500
    • Micrologix programmable logic controller system
  • Remote OPC UA and DA Clients
  • OPC DA Server for remote information
  • SQL servers
  • Secure File Transfer
  • And more…

A Zeus for Every Application

Zeus Lite

This is our most cost effective Zeus.
It is small and has a full complement
of features, but has only one Ethernet port
and is not rated for harsh environments.

  • Small
  • Full complement of features
  • One Ethernet port
  • Not rated for harsh environments


Industrially rated hardware, robust and reliable.
It offers easy mounting with a DIN Rail mount kit, and has a full complement of features,
including dual ports for OT isolation and is
easy to setup.

  • Industrially rated hardware
  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy mounting with DIN rail mount kit
  • Full complement of features
  • Dual ports for OT isolation

Zeus HS (High Security)

Additional proprietary features added to
ensure the highest level of security including
end to end packet encryption, dual port for separating IT from OT, and a stringent firewall setting to limit access inbound and outbound.

  • Includes additional proprietary features that ensure the highest level of security
  • End-to-end packet encryption
  • Dual port for separating IT from OT
  • Stringent firewall setting to limit access inbound and outbound

Sending it to your existing SCADA

Want to see your remote location information on your centralized on-premise SCADA system? Data-Command can securely deliver
that information to your on-premise SCADA and automation system directly.

We are not just a cloud based solution, we are also a transport mechanism.  We can collect information from remotely located stations
and populate on-premise SCADA systems for local display, alarming and trending.