Here are some questions that people often ask us:

How secure is Data-Command?

Just like your favorite sites that store your information, we require strong passwords, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and we are fully encrypted via an SSL certificate (https).
Our devices, which report to Data-Command, connect through secure sockets and those that sit on your network tunnel out, therefore no changes to your external firewall ports are required.
Our devices that connect to your control network actually act as an additional firewall since we gather the information then transmit it to our data center so your control network does not directly communicate to the internet.

Are you a SCADA package?

Not in the traditional sense. A traditional SCADA package is a purchased software package that resides on your local network and requires that you provide specialized computer hardware and sometimes a complex network infrastructure including dedicated firewalls and switches. We are a hosted solution which requires no specialized computer hardware or software and utilizes your existing internet connectivity without any changes to your current firewall configuration.

Do we have to change our firewall settings for your solution to work?

No. If you are utilizing one of our products like the Data-Bridge or Zeus, which allow you to directly interface with your existing SCADA software or PLC hardware, there is no need to open up any external firewall ports.

Can I access my information on my smart device?

Yes. Data-Command allows you to access your information from any internet connection, via PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Do I have to pay for upgrades when I change my computers?

No. The advantage of being a hosted solution is that we are continually updating our systems, so we stay current with the latest browsers.

Can we control our equipment through your system?

Yes. With the proper permission levels you can monitor and control your equipment from any mobile device, tablet, or PC. The level of control is up to you, from just changing a couple of set points, to actually turning your equipment on and off.

Is there any recurring cost?

Yes. We are a subscription based service much like cable TV, phone, or internet.

Can I directly interface with my PLC or other instrumentation?

Yes. Our Data-Command Zeus™ product allows us to communicate with most major brands of PLC and instrumentation that have either a serial (RS-232 or RS-485) or Ethernet connection and communicate via Allen-Bradley or Modbus protocols.

Can I replace my SCADA system with Data-Command’s solution?

Yes. In some cases we can provide you with all the features and functions that a traditional SCADA provides with a more economical solution. However, for larger systems we are typically used in conjunction with your SCADA package via our Data-Command Data-Bridge™ software.

Does your solution require cellular connectivity?

No. Although our hardware and software is optimized to work on a cellular network, it is not required. Our solution will work on any network with an internet connection.

How far back can I see my information?

Your historical data and alert information begins to collect as soon as your assets are configured, and is maintained from then on. Then, through our trending and reporting features you can see that information just by entering the date of interest.

Can I set up different alerts for different people?

Yes. Our notification feature allows you to set up groups and a notification calendar, to determine who gets what alert and when they get them.

Can I acknowledge an alert from my mobile device?

Yes. An alert can be acknowledged from your mobile device, tablet, or PC. Data Command will record when the alert was received and which user acknowledged it.

How often does my information update?

It varies according to client requirements. We have various plans for common information ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour updates, dependent on your budget and needs. However, if a piece of information is flagged as an alert, you will receive a notification through a text message, e-mail, or voice call immediately regardless of your update plan.

Can I replace my existing leased phone lines?

Yes. These types of lines are difficult to operate and maintain, are unreliable, and can cost over a hundred dollars per month for each location. With our cellular solution we can easily replace these lines at a fraction of the cost.

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