Securely Sharing Information

Avon Lake Regional Water Authority (ALRWin Ohio produces water for many communities not only surrounding them, but also dozens of miles away. For example, Avon Water is an adjacent community that buys water from ALRW, while The City of Medina is a community that also buys from ALRW but is 35 miles away.

With Data-Command’s security and permissions structure, ALRW can only see their specific tank and associated trend. All other information remains inaccessible to them. The communities are able to securely see certain water quality screens, generate reports, and see trends allowing for better collaboration between these communities.

Through Data-Command, ALRW securely monitors the primary tank of many of these communities who also have Data-Command. ALRW does this to give them confidence that they can provide water when these communities need it and the communities are able to see the water quality metrics that are important to them.

Additionally, they are able to post comments in real time, allowing better communications and collaboration when an issue arises, or avoiding an issue altogether.

By sharing information, all connected users have better operations without any additional costs.

Example of a Standpipe used for water storage tank