District Energy

Providing a community with steam and chilled water takes more than just production.
Losing steam and chilled water, or not utilizing it well, is lost revenue. Our cloud-based solution lets you monitor all the parameters of your system and alerts you if something is not
working properly.  

District Energy Plant
District Energy Plant for Local Municipality
Heat Transfer Pipe for Municipality
Energy and Heating plant monitoring

Monitor key metrics:

  • Chilled Water Supply and Return Temp
  • Chilled Water Flow
  • Chilled Water Flow, Load, Peak Demand
  • Chilled Water Total Tons/Hour
  • Pump Run hours, Cycle Counts
  • Power failure, Generator Status
  • Steam Pressure
  • Steam Flow

Provide steam and chilled water to a city and university campus from a single source that makes economic sense.  Monitoring the pressure and the temperature zones that are serviced is critical to providing quality service and increasing profitability.

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Trends and Reports

district energy plant monitoring

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