Municipal Water Treatment monitoring

Monitoring your municipal water treatment facility is not cheap or easy, not to mention what it takes to operate. Moreover, it requires knowledgeable personnel and a lot of information to function well. Our cloud-based solution provides the information you need, no matter where you are. As a result, this helps you make better decisions which allows you to run your facility more effectively.

The most common sources for water are lakes, rivers and the ground. There are two primary categories of water treatment facilities which are based on the source of the water, surface water and ground. However, no two plants are exactly alike. It is true that, many surface water plants use Slow Sand Filtration, Ultrafiltration, or Nanofiltration but these are only a few examples of primary treatment. Likewise, ground water plants often uses green sand pressure filtration followed by a softening process, to treat water but there are several other variations. Sometimes, they even use more than one source of water for the same plant. Therefore, the combinations are endless.

What can be monitor, in the cloud, for my Municipal Water Treatment plant

One thing all these plants have in common is that they all have a lot of components. A cloud based monitoring solution for your Municipal Water Treatment system monitors your pumps, valves, chemical feeders to name a few. We can deliver information to you on all these important parts of your plant’s process, keeping you informed on how your plant is running, alerting you to issues the moment they happen.

Green Sand Pressure Filter is used to treat ground water
Green Sand Pressure Filter is used to treat ground water

Key metrics

  • Raw water and effluent flow rates
  • Effluent water quality (pH, chlorine mg/L, turbidity)
  • Clearwell management
  • High Service discharge pressure
  • Chemical systems (chlorine, carbon, KMNO4, lime…)
  • Power failure & Generator status
  • Pump Status 
  • Pump Failure
  • Pump run hours

Receive critical notifications about your municipal water treatment system

The first line of defense in maintaining our aging infrastructure are the professionals who monitor these systems daily. After that, there is receiving notifications, especially, if the plant is unattended, or the operator is away from his desk. Currently, to do this, they often utilize on-premise SCADA systems to monitor the plant and outdated alarm dialers for notifications. New technology has made substantial improvements to these systems. As a result these technologies provide more efficient monitoring and more economical maintenance. Adding a Cloud Based solution to your system can make all the difference in the world.

Water treatment plants have complex processes and needs monitored all the time even when you are not there. Not knowing that you have an issue is not an excuse for the EPA – their concern is compliancy.

Save Money



Fully Customizable Cloud based SCADA for Municipal Water Treatment

For a small to medium sized municipality, the expense of a full featured SCADA package is often not required. In many cases, they do not solve the real problem. Operators at small municipalities are spreading thin. Often they are the water, wastewater and streets department. Mid sized municipalities operate 24/7 but no one is there during the night. Having a computer at a central location makes very little sense when no one is there. The amount of information that is needed to operate, can be boiled down to a few key metrics. A cloud based solution allows the operator access to information from anywhere at any time. (see Case study-Replacing SCADA)

Easy-to-Use, Displays, Trends and Reports

shows a Data-Command display

What about Monitoring my Distribution System

The distribution system is a major part of getting water to your community.  Therefore, we have made it a part of our solution as well.  Through the use of cellular technology, we can integrate your distribution system into your treatment process.  Finally, you are able to view your storage tanks and control your pump stations, utilizing our cloud based solution. 

Example of a Standpipe used for water storage tank
Standpipe used for water storage tank
Example of a Elevated Water Storage Tank
Example of an Elevated Water Storage Tank
Municipal water booster station next to a storage tank
Municipal water booster station next to a storage tank