Our Partners

If you are a company that likes our solution and wants one just like it but your expertise lies in a different area like system integration or analytics, then we want to work with you. You own your clients and deliver exceptional care to them and we do not want to take that away from you. So we are building out sites that allow you to deliver the same secure, reliable information that Data-Command has been providing for over 15 years, but branded and maintained by you.  Our technology sits at the root, but your brand delivers the information to your clients.

SOS Integration
Premier Integration Partner In Ohio

SOS Integration is our premier integrator in Ohio. We have been working with them from the inception of Data-Command. They are experts at integration in the Municipal Water and Wastewater industry. They are fully versed in all forms of communications used in this industry such as Radio both Licensed and Unlicensed, Lease Lines, Cellular, Ethernet and legacy plant infrastructures.

They are able to implement and service the root automation systems which included Rockwell, square D and many others.

The have extensive experience with many SCADA packages which include Factory Talk, GE Proficy and more.

INTEG Process Group is a leader in automation control hardware and software. INTEG’s JNIOR family of automation controllers provides an easy and cost-effective way to connect, monitor and control small sets of process signals. Those signals transmit the information gathered via Ethernet for a variety of uses.

Data-Command has been working with INTEG Process Group since 2006 to fill the need of providing a piece of industrial hardware that can directly connect to equipment via hardwired I/O. The equipment does not have any kind of intelligence like a PLC or bus protocol. Their product has been certified by Data-Command to provide reliable and secure communications. They are an extension of us, giving us additional capacity to deliver a quality product and better service.

DRV, Inc. is a team of applications specialists, system integrators and OEM distributors serving Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York and Ohio. Brought on board in 2015, DRV offers subject matter expertise for Variable Drives as well as an installation presence in the western Pennsylvania area. As our partnership has grown, we are able to securely deliver to them key metrics about the drive systems that they provide. They are then able to utilize this information to provide better service and efficiency to the End User.

Fontus Blue was founded in Akron, OH (USA) with the vision of providing Exceptional Drinking Water for Everyone, Every Day. Fontus Blue develops solutions and supports people making exceptional drinking water for the public by managing compliance risk, enhancing operations, and reducing expenses.

Fontus Blue is a hidden gem in partnerships which was established in the summer of 2017. For over 20 years Fontus Blue CEO Dr. Chris Miller has worked with water and wastewater treatment facility to optimize their process and help them stay compliant.  Through the realtime information we securely deliver to them, they are able to better serve the end user more effectively. 

Fullstream Energy is focused on partnering with producers in world class resource plays to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective midstream solutions, using creative and flexible commercial arrangements. Fullstream currently runs and services a 24″ gas pipeline in West Virginia. They provide one of the highest rates run rates to their customers giving them the piece of mind that the gas will be on when they need it most.

If you are looking for features that we may not have on our site, look at one of our partners. They probably have what you are looking for. Data-Command partners with firms that complement our mission to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their unique situations. We are passionate about our cloud-based solutions, which include information technology, research and development. Our partners help us expand our knowledge in these areas and work with us to build custom solutions to meet your needs.