Oil & Gas Monitoring Solutions

Water Supply for Fracking Operations

When the water, stops the rig is down, which means money is being lost every minute. Can you afford not to use our cloud based solution to monitor and control your water supply?  We monitor your tanks and pumps at all times and will let you know if something goes wrong, allowing you to take action from wherever you are.

Engine Monitoring
Engine Monitoring with LOFA brand engine controller

Monitor key metrics and control your pumps from anywhere

Monitor and control one or more pumps on location from anywhere. Our Cellular connectivity, user management console, Trending and Reporting with notifications, and more will keep you up to date 24/7. Our cloud based platform integrates with LOFA engine control panels.

Site statistics

  • Flow (Barrels per Minute) 
  • Remote Storage tank Levels (Feet, Inches, Meters, etc)
  • Suction & Discharge Pressure (PSI)
  • Total flow (Barrels per day)
  • Light Tower status (power fail)
  • System health (online or offline)

Engine Statistics

  • Engine RPM (Monitor and Set)
  • Engine Status and control (Running and Start/Stop)
  • Engine Fault (Notifications sent via text or email)
  • Engine Statistics Temperature, Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temperature, fuel Temperature, Load, Etc
  • Pump run times (hours)
  • Key switch position

Pipeline Monitoring - Gas Detection

Human safety is the top priority no matter what.  Toxic gas comes from a variety of different sources. Not knowing that toxic gas exists can cost lives. Adding a gas detection system is the solution. Extending it to our cloud based solution increases efficiency while decreasing potential for loss of life.

We have partnered with Otis Instruments, a specialist in wireless gas sensors, to provide a cloud-based gas detection monitoring solution. 

Easy-to-use, Customizable Displays,
Trends and Reports

Monitor key metrics

  • Current gas level
  • Sensory battery levels
  • Alarm relays

Wellhead Pump Jack

Oil and Gas Pump Jack

Data-Command Info-Portal™ provides a powerful cloud-based solution for oil wellhead pump jack remote monitoring, giving onshore producers the opportunity to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of their individual wellhead at each location. You will also keep your pumps and pipelines producing quickly and safely with comprehensive oil and gas wellhead remote monitoring.

Easy-to-use, Customizable Displays

Key Metrics You Can Monitor:

  • Storage Tank Levels
  • Tubing and Casing Pressures
  • Pump Runtime hours
  • Pump Jack stroke counter
  • Remote Pump On/Off control

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