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Collaboration Vision

Data-Command is a cooperative organization that seeks to build long-standing relationships with mutually beneficial firms.

By partnering with firms that complement our own vision, Data-Command seeks to expand the breadth of its network and positively improve its partners. We believe that, by offering solutions for our partners and increasing their value, we will in-turn increase our own value. As a company, we have very deep roots in information technology, system integration, and research & development.

integ Process Group

Data-Command linx

The JNIOR family of automation controllers provides an easy and cost-effective way to connect, monitor and control small sets of process signals, and transmit that information over the Ethernet for a variety of uses. All models provide superior flexibility and functionality.

DRV Custom Controls

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Since 1981 DRV has been serving the industrial and municipal markets in our region. Starting in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York, and expanding into Ohio in 2003. Our roots are in DC and AC drives and almost as long in the Motion Control field. In the mid 2000s we added Power Transmission products to our offering allowing us to provide complete and optimized electro-mechanical solutions to our customers.

OTIS Instruments, Inc

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Otis Instruments, Inc. has been a global leader in gas detection product manufacturing for 30 years. We specialize in WireFree Gas Detection, and also offer a complete line of wired fixed systems, personal monitors, and fire detection sensors.

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