Collection System and Lift Station Monitoring

Monitoring lift stations can be overwhelming, especially during rain events. We want to alleviate the stresses of your job by letting you know that all is well. Our cloud-based solution will alert you if a pump fails or your wet well is getting high before it becomes an issue.

lift station monitoring diagram

Monitor Key Metrics

  • Current Status (running or stopped)

  • Number of pump cycles

  • Runtime hours

  • Wet Well Level

  • Pump failure

  • High Wet Well Alarm

  • Pump Flows

  • Flow Totalization

Most lift stations are composed of a couple of pumps that alternate each time they run or under heavy rain conditions, both pumps run to keep up with the incoming flow. Many work on a float system and do not have any form of modern automation. Whether yours has 2, 3 or more pumps, sophisticated controls or just a simple rotator module we are a good solution for remote monitoring.

Our cellular connectivity through Verizon Wireless, on a secure private network, allows us to connect to most stations. We can give you notifications when your wet well goes high, the station loses power, a pump fails and many more. Additionally, we can keep track of pump cycles and runtime hours when using our Lynx unit.

Save Money

  • Stop taking unnecessary trips to check on your stations or troubleshoot issues.
  • Proper maintenance of pumps and impeller help pump efficiency.


  • Gain peace of mind with remote monitoring and alerts.
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Check in on operations while you are on the go.
  • The damage that can be caused by a equipment failure can lead to unplanned expense to an already tight budget.
  • Eliminate unnecessary damage claims from flooded basements.


  • Knowing about a simple pump failure may prevent avoidable environmental discharges
  • Helps eliminate EPA violations

Easy-to-Use, Customizable Displays,
Trends and Reports

Lift Station Display

Case Studies

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Sending lift station information to your existing SCADA

Want to see your remote location information on your centralized on-premise SCADA system. Data-Command can securely deliver that information
to OPC compliant on-premise SCADA packages.

We are not just a cloud based solution, we are also a transport mechanism.  We can collect information from remotely located stations
and populate on-premise SCADA systems for local display, alarming and trending.