Are You Making Full Use of the Info-Portal?

If you’re only using Data-Command’s Alerts & Notifications, you’re missing out. They are helpful, but they don’t tell the whole story. If you log in to Data-Command’s Info-Portal, you could see if you have any active Alerts, view the level of your lift station or water tank, or view your Reports & Trends.

The Data-Command system is designed to provide much of your information remotely. However, there are limits to what you can see and access on your phone or tablet. Here are some features that you can access when you log on to the Info-Portal:

  • Active Alerts
  • You can Acknowledge Alerts
  • Alert History – see who has acknowledged alerts and when, see if the issue has Returned to Normal
  • Displays

Here’s one scenario: Operator A receives an alert on his phone. He acknowledges that alert and heads to that remote site to check things out. But then he receives a new alert from a different site. Which alert is more urgent? Which site should he travel to first? If the operator logs into the Info-Portal, he could look at the details of each location to see which issue is more pressing and then determine which site to travel to first.

Here’s a second scenario: Operator B is at a remote location. He should test out the equipment while on site and verify the information on the Info-Portal while there. If he doesn’t verify that the issue has been resolved while he is at the remote site, he may have to make another trip. This wastes time and money.

The displays within the Info-Portal contain more detailed information about an asset or a site. Most customer displays show information like if a pump is running, power status, communication status, and wet well or tank level.

What if a supervisor doesn’t want operators or city administrators logging into Data-Command because he is worried about someone changing things? This is where Permissions come in. The supervisor can set user permissions so that they can only view things on the Info-Portal and do not have the ability to make any changes.

We have recently added Group Messaging. This is an easy way to share information with others in your group, so everyone is informed.

The Group Messaging window allows Info-Portal users to communicate with each other in real time. All messages and replies are automatically timestamped with the date and time posted. So instead of playing “telephone” and passing messages from one person to another, you can notify everyone at the same time, such as “Joe is responding to the Alert at XX lift station and checking the level.” This is also helpful if you’re remote and may not have everyone’s contact info.

If you need training on using the Info-Portal and would like to know what other information you have access to, please call us and we would be happy to walk you through some of the benefits of Data-Command that you might be missing.