5 Things You May Not Know About Data-Command

  • Our solutions serve 100+ municipalities and counting.

Municipal water and wastewater systems make up the majority of our customer base. Our solutions are the vehicle for greater control and access to operational information, thereby improving workflow and compliance.

  • We have been serving many of them for over 15 years.

Our commitment to our customers has led to a fantastic retention rate. Understanding your operations and procedures allows us to continually improve and customize our services.

  • 80% of our clients are small to mid sized municipalities.

The scalability of our solutions make us a perfect fit for a wide range of populations. From rural townships to large cities, we can accommodate them all.

  • 100% of our clients use our alert and notification system.

Long gone are the days of auto alarm dialers. Our alerts are delivered via text, email, or voice calls. Layers of escalation allow users to assign alerts according to their management structure.

  • Our solutions are 100% cloud-based.

They utilize major providers like Verizon, Azure, and AWS.