Pump Monitoring Solution

We want to alleviate the stresses of your job by letting you know that all is well. Our cloud-based solution is with you all the time. We help you make better decisions by providing the information that you need. This helps you save money and stay compliant.

Water treatment High Service Pumps an example of an cloud based remote monitoring application for Industrial Automation

Pump Monitoring

Data-Command offers a cloud-based storage tank and pump monitoring solution to deliver critical station and alarm information in real-time.  Remote monitoring of your pumps can significantly improve your ability to defer major costs due to equipment failure or process upsets.

Displays that are Easy to Use, View and Customize

Cloud based SCADA display of ground water treatment plant

Key Metrics You Can Monitor

  • Status (currently running or stopped)

  • Number of pump cycles

  • Pump Runtime hours

  • Pump failure

  • Pump flows, Flow Totalization

  • Storage Tank Levels

  • Storage Tank Alarms

Benefits of Data-Command

We alleviate the stress of plant management through a cloud-based remote monitoring software solution that saves you time

Save Money

Smaller teams, reduced travel time and costs, save municipalities considerable budget space for new projects and upgrades. 

Get rid of expensive leased lines as well.

Better Notification

Our system helps notify maintenance crews
of broken mains more quickly.

Eliminate unnecessary trips to remote sites.

Avoid Storage Tank overflow issues


Eliminate avoidable EPA violations due to low suction pressure, low tank levels or low chemical levels.

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