Gas Detection Monitoring Solutions

Data-Command offers cloud-based gas detection monitoring solution to deliver critical station and alarm information in real-time. Although we work with most industrial equipment, we have partnered with OTIS Instruments, who specialize in wireless gas sensors, to give the end user, or service provider, a better client experience.

Gas detection monitoring sensors
Gas Detection Monitoring

Key Metrics Used in Gas Monitoring

Mobile Access Allows fewer people to do more. Reduced management requirements enable small teams to handle expanding projects, while still allowing key booster station monitoring metrics:

  • Current gas level
  • Sensor Battery levels
  • Alarm relays
  • High Alarm notification

Benefits of Using Data-Command

Gas detection monitoring is a major part of maintaining a safe environment in many industries, not just the oil and gas industry, but wastewater treatment as well. The types of gas that are monitored can vary from toxic gases, like hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide, to flammable gases. 

Save Money

Greatly reduced administration time.

Better Notification

Help notify maintenance crews of issues quicker.

Better able to track issues.

Eliminate unnecessary trips.


Minimize Gas issues.

Who Can Benefit from Data-Command?