Argus Features

We cannot represent all the features that we have included in our system. For that, you will need to reach out to us for details and a Demo. However, we can show you a few of the more popular features with our clients, starting with the overview of a piece of equipment and general information all in one place.

Organize Your Assets by Location

Tree view navigation makes it easy to see all the components that reside and work together. The list orders and sorts your assets, making them easy to find based on the user friendly names that you remember them by.

All Asset Information in One Place

List all pertinent installation dates, part numbers, and manufacturer details associated with that asset. No more rummaging around looking for paperwork or having to drive out to the site to verify information!

Maintenance Records are Securely Stored in the Cloud

Whether your maintenance records for your assets are manually entered or automated, they are easily accessible anywhere that you have internet access.

Asset Management Records for a Water treatment plant.

Easily View Equipment Condition

Track the status, age, and expected life of your assets in this section. Plan your budget years ahead by keeping track of all your equipment conditions in one place.

Asset Management Condition

Real Time Data for Pumps

Tired of going around to all your pumps to determine when you have to perform maintenance? If you already use Data-Command, you can tie in your real pump run times or cycle counts to your asset and let us automatically do that for you!