How to Pick the Best Alert System for Your Industrial Application

The best alert system will send the needed notifications to the correct employees - all while saving you time and money.

If you think your industrial application can’t afford a full-featured alert system…

…If you are tired of leaving your house in the middle of the night for an alert that could have waited until the morning…

…If you never got an alert that you should have…

…If you have ever received an alert, but need to know more about what else was going on to discover the problem’s severity…

…then you need the best digital alert dispatch. Continue reading for advice on how to pick it.

Make Sure It Actually Saves You Time and Money

If your current alert system simply informs you of an issue and maybe that it is related to a specific pump failure or tank level alarm, then you are forced to physically go to the problem area and evaluate the situation in greater detail.

This time is unnecessarily spent at a cost to not only your company, but also to your personal life. Everyone has to answer to multiple people: bosses, coworkers, community members, and family. Instead of physically checking the status of your equipment, you could be taking care of a more critical issue at work, with the family, enjoying your hobbies, or just sleeping!

You can resolve this common issue with a more full-featured system that not only gives you alerts, but also allows you to look at related information.

Compare Features

All alert systems are not created equal. When looking for an alert system that saves you time and money and helps keep you compliant and worry-free, you should look for multiple features. Our Info-Portal alert system checks off all the boxes.

Look For Limitations and Hidden Costs

What appears to be a simpler solution is not always as it seems. A single device bolted to a wall with incoming wires and an outgoing phone line can sound more cost-effective and easier to install. But the limitations can add hidden costs throughout your bill. Before you commit to a system you think is best on your budget, check out our Pricing.

Limit On-Premise Software

An on-premise piece of software that is part of or integrates with the existing SCADA system gives you a lot of the features required for a notification system. However, hidden costs run rampant and the software is not as reliable as you may think. You may already own an existing on-premise solution, but does it really provide what you need at the cost you think?

Get All of the Alert Details You Need

Regarding information, it’s better to have than have not. Many smaller facilities could benefit from notifications that offer a greater level of detail. An alert that only informs you the problem exists but does not provide more details about the problem can be just as problematic. Make sure your system has what you need and not just what you think you can afford.

Know that You Can Afford an Alert System

Many smaller facilities are also concerned they cannot afford a full-featured alert system. Or they don’t know how one works. As previously mentioned, they are used to a general alert that tells them they have an issue but does not provide more information about the issue. Check out our Pricing to see how valuable our alert system can be to your system.

Know that Alerts Keep You At-Ease

All companies claim to help ease your concerns, save you time and money, and keep you compliant. However, we have been doing that longer than others. We have provided a cloud-based solution since 2005 – before the term even existed. We have provided notifications to clients’ mobile devices – before smartphones were available.

In this age of emails, texts, and social media, it’s common to receive a handful of notifications every day about trivial matters. Doesn’t it just make sense to get occasional system alerts about important system problems that could affect your friends, family, and community?

Our Info-Portal alert system delivers customized and timely notifications to your mobile device or computer. Text, email, and voice call alerts provide specific users with details to properly diagnose the issue and make the correct decisions. This can save you time and money – all at a cost-effective rate.

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