In order to help you, we need to connect with you

Connecting to industrial equipment and data sources is one of our specialities. Working with PLC and Plant automation equipment for 25+ years gives us the ability to connect with just about anything.

Wondering which device is best for you?

By enabling our clients to connect just about any piece of equipment to our cloud-based servers, we are able to give them increased access to a wider range of information. This ultimately gives our users remote monitoring of their system. We can utilize cost effective connections such as cellular, satellite, DSL, and cable to reach practically any equipment, anywhere you may have it.


  • Gain peace of mind through continuous monitoring with alerts
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Fully configured to communicate with the Data-Command Info-Portal™


Hardwire Solution

Lynx connects Data-Command to your equipment via wire and cable. It can monitor 12 digital inputs and 16 analog inputs. It can control four digital inputs and eight analog outputs. This solution can connect to the Info-Portal through an existing cable, DSL or Ethernet internet connection or through our cellular solution.


Talk To PLC or SCADA


Zeus is an advanced communication appliance that retrieves information from an industrial source, transforms the information into a new, more secure and fully encrypted packet. It then securely transmits the information to our cloud-based data centers. Zeus comes in a variety of formats, one of which is sure to meet your needs.



Data Command Logo with Data Bridge

The Data-Bridge Software can be installed on a Windows computer platform to connect your SCADA system to the Data-Command Info-Portalvia the OPC industrial standard. The software retrieves information from your system, transforms it into a new packet, modifies the format and fully encrypts the packet. It then securely transmits it to our cloud-based data centers.