Storage Tank Monitoring and Pump Control

Maintaining pressurized water in your lines at all times can be a challenge especially when you are a smaller municipality. Making sure storage tanks are properly filled and pumps are turning on at the right time can be frustrating. Our cloud-based solution can help monitor your tanks and control your pumps. We will let you know if something is not working properly via alerts and notifications.

Monitor key metrics

  • Storage Tank Levels
  • High and Low Tank Level Alerts
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Pump Status 
  • Pump Failure
  • Pump run hours
  • Cycle counts
  • Power failure & Generator status

Water Distribution Systems range from a single tank that is filled with water by a couple of well pumps, to many tanks fed by many booster stations throughout a large city. The automation also varies from a pressure switch at the tank that calls for a pump, to a sophisticated communications structure that passes information from one station to the next.

Save Money

  • Stop taking unnecessary trips to storage tanks and booster stations to troubleshoot issues.
  • Get rid of expensive leased lines.


  • Gain peace of mind with remote monitoring and alerts
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Check in on operations while you are on the go
  • The damage that can be caused by a equipment failure can lead to unplanned expense to an already tight budget.
  • Ensure maintenance crews are aware of issues. 


  • Eliminate avoidable EPA violations due to low suction pressure, low tank or chemical levels. 
  • Information for month end report

Easy-to-Use, Customizable Displays,
Trends and Reports

Booster Station Monitoring Map

Case Studies

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Control your pumps and tanks

Many municipal water systems want to send storage tank level information to a different station. Data-Command can be a transport mechanism, sending tank information and setting level set points to wells and booster stations to turn them off and on.

Moving information between stations can be both unreliable and costly. Data-Command can securely pass information between locations.

Sending distribution information to your existing SCADA

Want to see your remote location information on your centralized on-premise SCADA system? Data-Command can securely deliver that information to OPC compliant on-premise SCADA packages.

We are not just a cloud based solution, we are also a transport mechanism. We can collect information from remotely located stations and populate on-premise SCADA systems for local display, alarming and trending.