Alarm Dialer & Auto Dialer Innovation

Lift stations and water treatment facilities have used alarm dialers (auto dialers) for many years as a means of sending general alarms through phone lines to specific users.

However, phone lines are quickly becoming obsolete, expensive, and in many cases are no longer supported. Additionally, alarm dialers must be physically programmed with phone numbers each time there is a change in user contact information. When disconnected from the phone line, they become futile.

 Eliminate Unnecessary Trips to Monitor Equipment

  • Communicate important station data to multiple users through cellular or ethernet via a hosted solution.

  • Alerts and alarms are sent via text, email, or voice call to your designated users.

  • Add or remove personnel from the alert list remotely.

Alarm Dialer Diagram


Better Functionality, Cheaper Price

  • Send text messages, voice alerts, and e-mail, with escalation and acknowledgment receipt, while logging the time the event occurred
  • Monitor the processes of all devices and receive a notification if the unit is inoperable
  • A variety of connectivity options prevent customers from being dependent on any single source
  • Save money by using any existing internet connection through DSL, Cable, Satellite, or T1
  • No existing Internet connection? Data-Command can provide reliable, cost effective communication via a cellular connection
  • View alarm history to quickly determine and address problems
  • SCADA integrations

Data Command vs Alarm Dialers



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