Access, Monitor & Control Your Industrial, Municipal or Commercial Systems from the Cloud with Our Easy-to-Implement, Cost Effective, Cloud Based Monitoring Solution.

  Data-Command is proud to offer a complete suite of solutions for industrial, utility and manufacturing systems. Our innovative cloud based monitoring technologies can easily integrate with other hardware devices like PLC, HMI and SCADA systems, so you can easily access, view and store your process information from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Ideal for companies who need to monitor various locations, our cloud based monitoring system has proven to be highly beneficial for water treatment monitoring, wastewater treatment monitoring, district energy monitoring, oil and gas monitoring as well as various other applications.  
When you work with Data-Command, our cutting edge technology will automatically pull critical monitoring information from your company’s pre-existing or newly installed hardware and store it in our secure online storage center. Users will then be able to monitor individual stations and control them through their computer, tablet, or mobile device, via our Data-Command Info-Portal™. If anything in your system goes awry, our monitoring technology will alert your users through text messages, email, or voice call of any problematic or critical issues, so you can stay ahead of costly repairs and malfunctions.   Mobile Lift Station Monitoring After responding to an alarm (or at any other time), users can easily view a set of information displays, alerts, reports, and trends. These displays are customized to show any information that is important, in a way that is simple to navigate. Info-Portal - Graphic

Have an Existing System? Easily Connect to Your SCADA, HMI & PLC

We interface with existing SCADA systems like Proficy HMI/SCADA-IFIX, Wonderware, Iconics and many more via our Data-Command Data-Bridge™ OPC Server/Client Application.
We interface with most existing PLCs such as Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation, Modicon/Square D/Group Schneider and many more over Serial and Ethernet via our Data-Command zeus™ Product.

Don’t Have an Existing System? No Problem!

We interface with other equipment and hardware via our Data-Command lynx™ Hardware Product.

Data-Command offers a suite of cutting edge technological solutions to a variety of industrial, municipal and commercial businesses. Our cloud based technology can easily be integrated with PLC, HMI and SCADA systems, so employees can access, control and monitor various infrastructures and systems at once via their smartphone, tablet or computer. For total control of your operation, our easy to use Data-Command Info-Portalprovides everything you need to properly assess trends, reports and alerts, keeping you up to date with your business’ operations at all times. Whether you’re looking for a better solution to water treatment monitoring, wastewater treatment monitoring, district energy monitoring, oil and gas monitoring or other applications, Data-Command can help.