Data-Command® offers a cloud-based SCADA solution. For a smaller network, many people are using our solution as their primary SCADA system. We provide a low cost solution that gives you many of the same features as a stand alone SCADA system. Additionally, we have built in features that many stand alone systems do not include in their base price, such as web interface, notifications, and reporting.



Just as a stand alone SCADA provides up to date information in a user friendly and easy to read format, so does Data-Command. Create as many displays as you want and customize them to your needs. Upload any standard format of pictures (jpg, png, gif, etc). They can be pictures of your equipment, cartoons of a pump or tank, or anything that makes sense to you. Attach them to a display object and dynamic tag from your equipment to get animation, or just use a static image. 

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Client Developed Display
Client Developed Display

Alert Summary

After configuring your device alerts, just as a stand alone SCADA, we keep a log of the time the alerts came in, its current status, the time it returned to normal. But unlike a stand alone SCADA, our system is user based, which gives the customer the ability to see who acknowledged each alert.  Additionally, our extensive notification system allows users to interact with the system via their mobile device, even a flip phone.  Alerts can easily be searched, and notes applied to specific alerts. 

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Alert History


Without being able to see what has happened in the recent past, it is very difficult to troubleshoot an issue.  Like stand alone SCADA packages, we have a full trending package for looking at data history.  You can create as many trends as you like, give them descriptive names, and connect corresponding information on each trend.  There are several types of trend displays available, such as line graphs and column charts.  When you configure the time span and interval that you normally want to see, every time you click on that chart it is displayed just the way you want.  Individual pen colors distinguish data.  You can zoom in and out, and scroll across your data to see specific times and values.

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Custom Trends
Customer defined Trends


Data-Command provides previous and current data that is easily accessible. Reports can be customized to show specific data at a glance. Effortlessly adjust the date, duration, and interval to create the report you require. Track any information you need about run times, wet well levels, rainfall, steam usage, and more. Practically any function your facility performs can generate a report to help you monitor operations. 

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User defined Report
Customer defined Reports


Receive and Acknowledge Alerts via Text, Voice Call, or Email:

Product Features Also Include:

  • Use any internet connection (i.e. Cellular, DSL, Cable, Satellite)
  • Customized Displays
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Trends
  • Unlimited Users access
  • Free Tech Support
  • Free updates

Mobile Dashboards

Our Data-Command Info-Portal™ dashboards enable our users to view and manage their equipment and processes. Dashboards can be customized to provide high quality visualization of how equipment is performing. This also allows operations and maintenance personnel to monitor operations 24/7.

Transmitting from these sites to our servers using cellular or Ethernet technology enables users to easily check locations using a PC or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Operations and maintenance personnel can easily view system data at any time by logging into the Data-Command Info-Portal™. Customized displays, alerts, reports, and trends present information in a clear and concise format. 

Data-Command Info-Portal™

The Data-Command Info-Portal™ is the heart of our solution. Our portal can be fully customized by our staff or by the client with their pictures, equipment names, and information designation. Users are then able to interact with their equipment which is being continuously monitored by our system and will notify the client of any unfavorable condition. With 24/7 access to the equipment from any internet connected device there is no need to travel to a central SCADA system to access an issue.

Info-Portal - Graphic

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