Industrial, Utility & Manufacturing Monitoring Products

Many industries have equipment, instrumentation, and intelligent control panels at remote locations. Their operators are left frustrated with the time consuming and costly task of traveling to those remote locations to check if they have an equipment issue.

Data-Command offers industrial, utility and manufacturing monitoring that integrates with many hardware devices as well as PLCs, and SCADA. We are able to alert operators of equipment malfunctions and enables on-the-go monitoring of systems.  

Data-Command Info-Portal™

The Data-Command Info-Portal™ is the heart of our solution. Our portal can be fully customized by our staff or by the client, with their pictures, equipment names, and information designation. Users are then able to interact with their equipment which is being continuously monitored by our system and will notify the client of any unfavorable condition. With 24/7 access to the client’s equipment from any internet connected device there is no need to travel to a central SCADA system to see an issue.

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Our Hardware & Software Solutions

The depth of our hardware and software products is what differentiates us from our competitors. By enabling our clients to connect just about any piece of equipment to our cloud-based servers, we are able to give them increased access to a wider range of information.  This ultimately gives our users remote access and control of their system. We can utilize cost effective connections such as cellular, satellite, DSL, and cable to reach practically any equipment,  anywhere you may have it.



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SCADA in the Cloud

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How Data-Command Works

New advancements in technology such as cloud-based monitoring, enables supervisors, operators and maintenance personnel to view information from any PC or mobile device with an internet connection – at a more cost effective price with greater value. To do this, Data-Command integrates hardware and software packages with your existing systems, which communicate information to our secure servers in the cloud. This information is then aggregated into one secure web space and made available to supervisors, operators, and maintenance personnel via our Data-Command Info-Portal™ secure login.

Industrial, Utility and Manufacturing Monitoring
Industrial, Utility and Manufacturing Monitoring

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