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The Data-Command Info-Portal™ is the heart of the Data-Command system. It enables our users to view and manage their equipment and processes on a new level – from any any where they are. Accessed via a secure sign on, the users can see their customized displays as well as view alerts, trends and reports, helping to ensure that they stay compliant.

Info portal display from Data Command


Security – We consider user security one of our top priorities. In fact, security is built into everything we do. For example, the Data-Command Info-Portal™ login, which is fully encrypted using a SSL connection and requires strong passwords like most sites do today. But as an additional measure of protection, we also utilize a multi-factor authentication, this requires that your device be verified the first time you use it to access the Info-Portal as well as the user.

Reliability – Just as important as security is reliability. We are proud to have a 99.99% availability track record but uptime is not the only factor when we consider reliability, accuracy of the information is also paramount to your operations. We go to great lengths to make sure you can access your information all the time.

Administrative Controls – Data-Command offers administrative controls that ensure management can control every aspect of operations. Thus ensuring seamless coordination without hassle. Administrative abilities include:

  • Manage users and view login history.
  • Control who can view or edit displays, trends or reports and which ones.
  • Manage incoming information, set ranges and alert levels.
  • Create alerts, define alert types and assign to users or groups of users
  • Restrict who can control equipment
  • Manage general group information

Displays – The information that is delivered to our users is shown in a way that is both useful and easy to interpret. Users can view their equipment information through easy to customize displays, alerts, trends, and reports that make sense to them.

For example, at water plants, users often lay out each piece of equipment in a way that matches their unique processes. This in turn provides a clear view of how plant processes are performing as a whole.

Booster Station Monitoring Map
Data Command info portal on tablet

Alerts – Our Alert Manager makes it easy to select which users or group of users receive specific alerts, when they are delivered and how they are delivered. Notifications are sent via text, email, or voice call.

Escalation is achieved via delays on the alerts allowing for first responders to handle any issue prior to their managers getting involved. In the event the situations escalates, managers are then notified so they can assist in the issue.

All this can be reconfigured at any time.

Trends- Without being able to see what has happened in the recent past, it is very difficult to troubleshoot an issue.  Unlike stand alone SCADA packages, we have a full trending package for looking at data history.  You can create as many trends as you like, give them descriptive names, and connect corresponding information on each trend.

Reports- Customize reports to show specific data at a glance. Effortlessly adjust the date, duration, and interval to create the report you require. Track any information you need about run times, wet well levels, rainfall, steam usage, and more. Print your reports, or export them to Excel for even more options!

Data Entry- Need a place to enter labritory results or other manual entered data. We have a Data Entry form similar to many Lab bench sheets. Enter your data here and it is integrated with your real time information and reports.

File Storage- We have no intention on competing with drop box or google drive, however, we provide space to upload pertinent documents like O&Ms, PLC programs and other documents related to your automation.


Never pay for another software upgrade again! When its time to upgrade or replace your server or computer it often requires a new operating system, which may be incompatible with your existing software. Without Data-Command, you’d have to upgrade your software which could cost you several thousand dollars. Data-Command uses a standard web browser and is updated with the latest technology.

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