How It Works

We like challenges. Connecting to many different data sources is a challenge for everyone.

It starts on your side and with your application

To achieve secure cloud-based monitoring, Data-Command requires a compliant device to deliver information to our data centers. 

Wired directly to your equipment

If you need an inexpensive way
to get information and many features of an expensive
on-premise SCADA package, Data-Command has a cost-effective solution for you.

You can connect your digital
and analog outputs directly with our Data-Command Lynx device.
This device
accepts voltages
from 1
2 to 28 volts AC or DC
as well as 4-20mA signals
for analytical or measuring equipment.

Communicate with a PLC or smart device

If you have an existing
remote PLC but no way to get that information to your SCADA, or you just want the information available from wherever you are, then the Zeus is for you.

Our Zeus device directly communicates with your intelligent equipment and securely sends it to
Data-Command. Then the
Zeus is configured for your specific application through an easy to use interface.

Plant Redundancy

You can rest easy knowing
that if your on-premise SCADA loses the historical information or has an issue, Data-Command
is still there for you and can deliver it to you.

Our Zeus device directly communicates with your automation platform gathering information and securely
sends it to Data-Command
independent of your on-premise SCADA package 
for offsite storage of key metrics.

On-Premise SCADA

Being able to see the information from your on-premise SCADA from the Cloud is easy and cost effective with Data-Command.

By connecting with your
on-premise SCADA,
Data-Command is able to securely deliver your information to the cloud which gives you
a mechanism to see your information.

These devices are able to interface with your current equipment or SCADA system in many different ways, giving you access to more information as well as remote monitoring of your system.

Connecting to Our Data Centers

Utilizing Existing Connections like DSL or Cable

If you already have DSL or cable – great! All of our equipment is capable of utilizing your existing connection to communicate to our data centers. 

Our packets are encrypted for end-to-end security. Information is delivered, so there is no need to open any inbound ports and you are never directly connected to your OT network like VPN, Remote Desktop, or other remote access solutions.

Or Data-Command Can Provide Cellular

If you don’t have connectivity or are worried about security,
Data-Command has a solution for you.

Our cellular solution sits on the Verizon 4G LTE network. It is a private network that is only accessible to Data-Command’s data centers. All data plans are handled by Data-Command and is
part of our solution.

Enjoy all the features and benefits that Data-Command provides.

Data Command info-portal trends and reports
  • High security
  • Unlimited users
  • Customized displays
  • Customized Trends
  • Customized Reports
  • Much more...