If your wastewater pump system has been giving you problems, consider getting a remote monitoring system to keep track of important and critical data. At Data-Command, we understand how challenging wastewater pump stations and lift stations can be to monitor, especially when they’re located in remote and hard-to-reach places. Despite these obstacles, system officers are required to monitor lift stations for potential problems such as water pump failures, energy consumption, pump temperatures and even vibration specifications. To make your life easier, we’ve created an easy-to-implement cloud-based remote monitoring technology that will seamlessly deliver critical water pump information to your computer, tablet and smartphone in real time. While there are many benefits to incorporating a remote monitoring system in your wastewater pump system, below are a few of our favorites.

Why A Remote Monitoring System?

Due to an increase in legal requirements, industrial wastewater quality monitoring is becoming increasingly important in industrial, commercial and municipal industries. When you use a self-sustained operating monitoring system to monitor your lift pump station or wastewater treatment facility, you’ll never have to worry about being in the dark about the health of your remote systems. At Data-Command, our cloud-based remote wastewater monitoring system can house a variety of electrochemical, physical and optical sensor modules to ensure you receive the critical information you need, when you need it.

Remote Monitoring Systems For The Wastewater Industry

As technology continues to advance, it’s important to have a remote monitoring system that can keep up with today’s technological demands. At Data-Command, our cloud-based remote wastewater monitoring system eliminates the need to run to and from your wastewater equipment. Our advanced hardware and software integrations can interface with both new pump equipment and existing PLC or SCADA systems, sending a seamless flow of up-to-date information to your customized information portal. When you use our innovative remote monitoring system, you’ll be able to manage your wastewater equipment and processes through a simple wireless connection from your cell phone, tablet or desktop computer.

24/7 Remote Monitoring Protection For Wastewater Plants

Our wastewater monitoring systems are not only easy to use and install, they work for you 24/7! When you work with Data-Command, you’ll never have to worry about driving blindly to a remote station, only to find your lift pump station is broken or in need of repair. Our remote monitoring system will send you important equipment and process information in real-time so you’re always one step ahead of costly repairs and dysfunctional equipment. Some of the key lift station metrics included in our monitoring system include:

  • The current status of your wastewater or lift station pump
  • The number of pump cycles
  • Runtime hours of operation
  • Wet well levels
  • Pump failures and high wet well alarms
  • AC power failures
  • Generator power failures
  • Pump temperature
  • Pump vibration exceedance

When you receive an alarm on your smartphone or computer, you can easily view an array of displays, alerts, reports and trends in your customized Data-Command Info-Portal™.

Easily Accessible Wastewater Pump Data

If you’re worried about keeping your operators informed, installing a remote monitoring system can help keep all of your employees on the same page with your wastewater system data. From data collection to remote monitoring capabilities, our cloud-based monitoring system features a variety of options for every industry. If you’re current wastewater monitoring system uses an alarm dialer or auto dialer to alert your employees of a problem, it might be time to upgrade to a system that can give you real-time alerts with more critical information.

Wastewater Pump Trend Data

One of the best ways to monitor the health of your wastewater pump system is to track pump run times for water utilities. When an operator knows the frequency and duration of each pump cycle, they can help engineers uncover the lift station’s operability status, while stopping any potential problems in the system before they occur.

Date-Command is proud to offer a complete suite of remote monitoring solutions for industrial, utility and manufacturing systems. When you work with our cutting-edge monitoring software at your facility, our hardware will automatically pull critical monitoring information to your phone, tablet or computer via our secure online storage center. Contact Data-Command today to learn more about our remote monitoring system!