Water Treatment Plant Monitoring

A water treatment facility is not cheap or easy to operate. It requires knowledgeable personnel and a lot of information to function well.  For smaller municipalities, personnel are often not at the plant. Our cloud-based solution provides the information you need no matter where you are. This helps you make better decisions which allows you to run your facility more effectively.

Monitor key metrics

  • Raw water and effluent flow rates
  • Effluent water quality (pH, chlorine mg/L, turbidity)
  • Clearwell management
  • High Service discharge pressure
  • Chemical systems (chlorine, carbon, KMNO4, lime…)
  • Power failure & Generator status
  • Pump Status 
  • Pump Failure
  • Pump run hours

There are two primary types of plants based on the source water, surface water and ground but no two plants are alike. There are plants that use Gravity Filtration, Ultra Filtration, or Nano Filtration. There are plants that soften and use green sand filtration. Water comes from lakes, rivers and the ground and sometime more than one source for that same plant. The combinations are endless. We have not seen them all but would like to. 

One thing all these plants have in common is that they all have a lot of components:  pumps, valves, chemical feeders to name a few. We can deliver information to you on all these important parts of your plant’s process, keeping you informed on how your plant is running, alerting you to issues the moment they happen.

Save Money

  • Interface with existing automation equipment like on-premise SCADA and PLCs and extend them to the cloud cost effectively.
  • Stop taking unnecessary trips to the plant to troubleshoot issues.
  • Reduce administration time sorting through unorganized data.


  • Gain peace of mind with remote monitoring and alerts
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Check in on operations while you are on the go
  • The damage that can be caused by equipment failure can lead to unplanned expense to an already tight budget.


  • Add redundancy to your existing system.
  • Eliminate avoidable EPA violations due to low or high chemical levels, or effluent water that is out of discharge limits.
  • Information for month end report
  • Knowing about a simple pump failure may be the difference between being in compliance or not.

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