Waste Water Package Plant Monitoring

Data-Command offers cloud-based wastewater package plant monitoring and control to deliver critical station and alarm information in real-time.  Lift stations are also referred to as sewage pump stations.

Our products pull information from either our installed, or your pre-existing hardware and sends it to one of our data centers. Users are then notified in the event of a problem. Additionally, users are able to monitor stations and control them through our secure Data-Command Info-Portal™ via any internet connected device, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone.Mobile Lift Station Monitoring

At any time, users can easily view a set of informative displays, alerts, reports, and trends. These displays are customized to show vital pump information, in a way that is simple to navigate.

Info-Portal - Graphic

Mobile Access Allows fewer people to do more. Reduced management requirements enable small teams to handle expanding projects, while still monitoring key lift station metrics:

  • Status (currently running or stopped)
  • Number of pump cycles
  • Runtime hours
  • Wet well level
  • Pump failure, High wet well alarm
  • Pump flows, Flow Totalization


Save money. Smaller teams, reduced travel time and costs, save municipalities considerable budget space on new projects and upgrades.

  • Eliminate avoidable damage claims from flooded basements
  • Eliminate avoidable Environmental discharges
  • Get rid of expensive leased line
  • Eliminate unnecessary trips
  • Greatly reduced administration time

About Waste Water Package Plant Monitoring

If you are on this page you probably are already an expert at wastewater treatment and may even be licensed to operate a packaged plant.  These are small facilities are usually located near a residential development or a small business that produces too much wastewater for a septic system. Therefore, the owner has incorporated a small treatment plant to clean the wastewater and discharge it into a nearby creek or river, just as a larger facility would do.  Most owners are not qualified to monitor or operate these facilities and they do not require around the clock personnel.  However, just like larger facilities, sometimes equipment fails between visits to the site and the owner is then out of compliance. 

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Mobile Dashboards

Lift Station Display
Lift Station Display

Our Data-Command Info-Portal™ dashboards enable our users to view and manage their equipment and processes. Dashboards can be customized to provide high quality visualization of how equipment is performing. This also allows operations and maintenance personnel to monitor operations 24/7. 

Transmitting from these sites to our servers using cellular or Ethernet technology allows users to easily check locations using a PC or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Operations and maintenance personnel can easily view system data at any time by logging into the Data-Command Info-Portal™. Customized displays, alerts, reports, and trends present information in a clear and concise format.

Lift Station Monitor diagram
What is in a Lift Station

Receive and Acknowledge Alerts via Text, Voice Call, or Email:

Product Features Also Include:

  • Use any internet connection (i.e. Cellular, DSL, Cable, Satellite)
  • Customized Displays
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Trends
  • Unlimited Users access
  • Free Tech Support
  • Free updates

Alarm Dialers

In the days past, a common monitoring system in the wastewater treatment industry was a flashing red light at the station which was possibly accompanied by an alarm dialer and a dial-out phone line. These are also known as an auto dialer, which as the term implies, will automatically dial a phone and generates a voice message that an alarm was triggered.

For those stations without an alarm dialer, the most problematic part of this system is that it relies on someone noticing the station light before serious problems such as sewer backups occur. For those with alarm dialers, the lack of information surrounding an alarm trigger can cause unnecessary trips to stations which are usually in remote locations.

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Our Hardware & Software Solutions

The depth of our hardware and software products is what differentiates us from our competitors. By enabling our clients to connect just about any piece of equipment, to our cloud-based servers, we are able to give them increased access to a wider range of information.  This ultimately gives our users remote access and control of their system. We can utilize cost effective connections such as cellular, satellite, DSL, and cable to reach practically any equipment, wherever you may have it.


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Talk to your SCADA or PLC


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SCADA in the Cloud

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